May birth flower : Lilly

Each month of the year has its own dedicated flower to represent those who were born during that month. The official birth flower of May is a delicate, sweetly-scented bloom called the Lily of the Valley. Learn more about its history, meaning, and some interesting facts below : 

  • There is nothing like “off-season” for lilies because they hardly go dormant. Lilies are perennial plants and can grow pretty well without much human intervention. Lilies are resourceful flowers and can develop from bulb or seed both. They grow anywhere between 2 to 6 feet.

  • Apart from white, yellow, red, and pink lilies, there is something called Tiger Lily that is orange in color and carries brown spots or freckles.

  • The flower sellers are always running with a profit with lilies. Why? Because people prefer lilies for its long life as a cut bloom. Those bouquets or vase arrangements of lilies come with a great lifespan to mesmerize your home or office or wherever you keep them! Well, the trick is to clear out the pollen from the centers to make lilies live longer.

  • Lilies are kind to humans but poisonous for cats. So, make sure you keep your dear cat away from the lilies.

  • As said earlier, lilies have a mesmerizing fragrance that has a positive effect on the mind. But it is only the white lilies and tiger lilies that have that sweet and compelling fragrance. So, keep that in mind while buying a bunch of lily flowers for your home or a lily plant for your garden.